How To Verify Your Business On Adcenta.Com,

Adcenta.com is the No 1 maket store in Nigeria where buyer and seller and business owners can exchange services as well as advertise their products. However adcenta goes the extra mile to verify all business on their platform.. The verified business are the business that have passed some criteria presented by adcenta and have being found worthy to do legit business with other user.

This article will show you how to verify your business and gain customers trust on adcenta

1.Click on my account to move to your dashboard, scrool down to  promotions.


2. Click on membersship, Choose the verification box for  N5000 


(NB: You get 5 percent more credit every month upon getting your business verifed

Customers trust and patronize verifed business than others)

Click on Become a member to proceed.


3. it takes you to the cart menu for you to proceed with your payment, Click on Paystack, input your card details if you are makning payment with your card or input your bank details if you are maing payment with your bank account.


4. Click on the pay button to make your payment


NB: Adcenta will go through your business details on your profile to confirm that your business is a legit on before verification is completed


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