Where Can I Find My Referral Code?

Want to know where your unique referral code is? Read this carefully.

Your Referal Code is a unquie code that you can use to refer other people to the site. One good thing about this is that once you use your referal code to register a user, you get a bonus of N200 and not only that, you get 10 percent on any pack the user purchases and also recurrent commissions from the Membership your referral subscribes to.


To locate your referal code:


1. Click on the My Account button to get to your dashboard


2. On your dashboard, click on Promotions and then click on Wallet and Packs


3. Under your Wallet and Packs you will find your REFERAL CODE; it is highlighted in green.

 Referal code


You can use the different social media buttons to share your referral link on your network. The more people who sign up via your link, the greater your chances of increasing your earnings.

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