Where Can I Find My Referral Code?

Referal code
Want to know where your unique referral code is? Read this carefully. Your Referal Code is a unquie code that you can use to refer other people to the site. One good thing about this is that once you use your referal code to register a user, you get ...
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How to Make Withdrawals on Adcenta.com

Payment Withdraw
Making withdrawals on adcenta is as simple as ABC   1. Click on your account to get started   2. Click on withdraw payment   3. Input the amount you want to withdraw, enter  you bank details in this sequence BANK NAME ACCOUNT NUMBER NAME OF ACCOUNT Y...
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How to make Extra Income with Adcenta.com

AdCenta offers a lot more opportunity beyond just posting your listings. It offers you the opportunity to make extra income by when you refer someone who subscribes to any of our Membership plans. This article will show you how to get started.   1. I...
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How To Verify Your Business On Adcenta.Com,

Adcenta.com is the No 1 maket store in Nigeria where buyer and seller and business owners can exchange services as well as advertise their products. However adcenta goes the extra mile to verify all business on their platform.. The verified business ...
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How to Credit your Adcenta Account.

my account
Adecenta is Nigeria No 1 online market store where you can Showcase your services or market your skills to the world, However it makes provision for business or individuals to stand out in the competitive market. This article shows you a step to step...
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How To Post A Listing On AdCenta

Publish listing
So I'm guessing you are new to Adcenta and want to post your first listing? Well, you are reading the right article; follow the guide below and you're good to go.   1. Click Here to register if you have not already done so. Follow the link to learn h...
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